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GIUSILASER satisfies all the needs by using laser technology, proposing industrial solutions, integrations on automatic machines self produced or of the customer, or in alternative by supplying OEM lasers for the laser engraving on almost all types of materials.

  A particular attention to the needs of the markets, supported by a dynamic technical / commercial staff, has allowed in these years to the brand GIUSILASER to enter in the most various and prestigious productive realities.

    Our work starts from the pre-sale, when we make free of charge feasibility tests, deciding the type of laser that suits the customer more and proposing the most appropriate technical / commercial solution

      Our proposal is then sent to the customer contained in an offer of the laser ready to work.

        In case of acceptance, our job goes on with the installation, start up of the laser and the training of the staff care of the customer.

And...where the others finish, we carry on with an After Market that makes us always feel close to the customer.


A range that is complete and avant-garde for every requirement, granting the maximum quality. Thanks to our experience, tradition and the total use of electronics, the reliability has reached surpassing levels.

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Fiera EXPO-GIUSI 2013 4 to 7 September 2013.

Alta Brillianza

Alta Brillianza 26/09/2013